Gramvousa & Balos

On the west side of Kissamos and north of the beautiful village of Kaliviani, stretches the impressive Gramvousa peninsula with its Venetian castle. The peninsula is formed by steep rocks and is covered with thyme and oregano bushes and wild flowers.

On the north west part of the peninsula, opposite the island of Gramvousa is the wonderful beach of Balos. The beach is located between the two creeks of the Tigani cape and is covered with fine white sand. The same white sand covers the bottom of the sea, giving them the characteristic emerald colour.

How to get there

Apart from car or bus service, boat trips are available many times a day from Kastelli directly to the beach of Balos and the island of Gramvousa. In that case you can skip an about 30 minutes walk you would otherwise have. The boat trip is one hour long and the views of the rugged coastline is terrific.