The city of Chania is the capital of the region, lying on the northern shore of western Crete. The city is built over the remnants of the ancient Kydonia and through the centuries has seen a great number of conquerers, all leaving their distinctive mark over the face of the town. It is regarded as one of the most beautifull cities in Greece that despite the ever growing touristic activity, has managed to retain its authentic character to a great extend. Throughout the year but especially during summers, the city offers a rich selection of cultural events such as open air concerts, theatrical plays, festivals and exibitions.

However, the old town is the true gem of Chania.   It consists of the harbour and the neighborhoods surrounding it and are all enclosed within the Venitian fortifications built to protect them. It is characterised by narrow and picturesque alleyways full of life.  The 16th century lighthouse, the fortress of Firka, the mosque of Kioutsouk Hasan, the great Arsenali and the Neoria have become landmarks of the town.

Its most famous location is the lively round waterfront, full of small hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Wandering along the old town’s various districts, one can experience a real journey through history, composed by the puzzle of Greek, Venitian and Turkish architecture.

The Topanas district, the orthodox neighbourhood, found on the west part of the old town, is a walk not to be missed, with all its true smells and colours. Next to it, lie the Jewish quarters with the beautifull, totally refurbished synagogue.

The Splantzia district, former Turkish quarters is the new hot spot of the town. Visit the Daliani street and Splantzia square with the  imposing Saint Nicholas church and the remains of the Dominican monastery next to it.

The Kasteli district initially built in the Byzantine times was the place where nobles stayed and as such many mansions where located there untill before the bombings of WWII. The Sintrivani square is located at the end of Kasteli’s central road, where the gentlemen gathered for coffee, walking or political conversation.

Surely, by the end of your strawl through the alleyways of the old town, you will have  your favorite spot of  Chania