The village of Platanias lies on the north coast of Crete 11 kms west of the city of Chania. It is surrounded by a fertile plane full of blooming orange trees and olive groves. History tells us that the village was named after the river Platanias or Iardanos that flows on the west side of the settlement. The famous plane tree (or Platani as it is called in Greek) grove that was marveled by the travelers of the 18th and 19th century can still be seen along the banks of the river Platanias.

The original settlement of Platanias resided on the top of the rocky hill overlooking the beach. The fact that the river was flowing throughout the year made it a very popular spot for pirates to replenish their fresh water supplies and while they were there, they never missed a chance plundering the coastal villages.

Over the last decades that such dangers as the ones mentioned above are long gone , the village has expanded all around the rocky hill and towards the sea, while evolving to a renowned and highly visited summer resort.

The visitor can choose among a wide range of accommodation types and styles while always being just a few steps away from the sandy beach which stretches for a full …. kms between the outskirts of the city of Chania and the village of Kolympari. The beach, stretching along the front of the village, is equipped with lifeguards and is awarded year after year wuth the Blue Flag award.

We shouldn’t fail to mention that the countryside surrounding Platanias offers great opportunities for activities such as cycling, hiking and long walks through the trails spreading among the orange and olive groves.

But what Platanias is best known for, is its great selection of restaurants serving food of excellent quality, allowing the guest to experience true Cretan and Greek cuisine to its full.